To be a member of the Vril Society
You have to be a member of the Black Eye Club

Reptilians do not have emotions
As a result they cannot create in our realm

Human emotion is what is projected into the hologram to create realities
Emotion is electrified energy

Reptilians need human bodies to create Vril energy
When a human gets taken over by a reptilian parasitic worm
Their left eye turns black and will keep doing so intermediately

The reptilian mimics human behavior and seems normal
But secretly they act like reptilians

The group of humans who are in collusion with them
Have traded their souls for power

But now all of them at the top and even in secondary levels
Have been replaced by reptilian lizards
The people in authoritative positions are not who they seem to be

They are the Siths of Star Wars
And the Witches of Black Masses
Who are creating an artificial reality by using our emotional energy

We give them power and they simulate our existence
The goal is to merge us with AI

They have set up the factory farms and slaughterhouses
They are creating massive homelessness

They want to keep our vibration level low
Or else they would not be able to exist in our realm

They bombard us with indoctrination and psy ops
And use subliminal means to control our behavior

The Canaanite or Edomite were the original serpent seed
Who took the Vril implant

They have manipulated our DNA
They have used clones for many hundreds of years
And are now using organic robotoids

Robotoids are almost exact carbon copies of humans
But their brains are controlled by holographic 3D pictures

They convince us they do not exist
And everything on TV is staged

When we act from the heart we create a powerful energy field
When do perform deeds of kindness
We project ourselves to higher realms
Connecting ourselves to superior energy

God Consciousness is a unified structure
When our behavior is in accordance to Source Energy
We actually change the momentum and direction of spin of our subatomic particles
And embrace exalted levels of existence

We have the power to create a positive reality
Where negative entities cannot exist!