In the 1988 movie They Live
An alien species has taken over the earth
They possess human bodies and assume human roles

The main character John Nada is able to detect them with sunglasses
That enable him to see in a different spectrum

He realizes the world is under mind control
And that the observed reality which people operate under
Is a facade of the true version

The human energy field is bio plasma
Bio plasma particles are constantly being renewed by chemical processes in the cells

When energy gets stuck by negative emotions the human energy field decreases
In contrast when we experience emotions such as compassion appreciation and love
The human bio field becomes more coherent and ordered

In essence the electromagnetic signals from the heart
Broadcast our emotions like radio waves

In the movie Nada also noticed that some people have little or no aura at all
The ones with no aura have become soulless drone-like non person characters called NPCs

The oligarchs in our world have become soulless vampires
They need our energy field to survive

Low frequencies are being projected to manipulate us and keep us suppressed
A negative version of our organic experience is being simulated so that we are easily controlled

Television is programming our minds and inserting in us low vibrations
So that we consent to their authority

5d is where you will see positive versions of people
3d is the controlled version
Both are running simultaneously in the same location

You can change frequencies by accumulating codes from the heart
When you shift into a higher modality of expression
You will switch timelines

And relocate to a higher dimension!