When the heart chakra becomes dominant
Your body and spirit develops greater unification

As the dialogue between the spiritual and the physical increases
Your light body changes to a higher crystalline structure
Composed of increasing amounts of sacred sound and light geometries

Your cerebral cortex is an axial tonal meridian with a rotating toroidal vortex
It is composed of energetic frequencies
That will become a prism of colorful light codes

Each of your cells has a specific magnetic resonance
ATP or adenosine triphosphate is the main energy carrier in the cells

Specific coded data downloaded into your cellular DNA
Triggers higher multidimensional frequencies
And your souls purpose is revealed and activated

As you express your divinity and vastness
You release emotional blockages
And your relationships shift from karmic to non karmic

Karma can also be encoded in the DNA from ancestors

Everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences
Pay attention to synchronicities that appear
Notice what comes into your mind

The universe nudges you and divinely guides you by sending you messages
It operates on underlying principles of cooperation helpfulness and love

The universe is composed of mathematical patterns that are expressed in numbers
That correspond to vibrational frequencies
Everything has a vibration fashioned by mathematics

When wavelengths enter the retina of the eye
They become electrical impulses which the brain deciphers
The interpretation then stimulates hormonal and biochemical processes

Our perception of color is a vibrational expression
The color of your aura has special meaning
Numbers colors and geometric formations all have meaning

The universe is form and order based on mathematics and geometry
And will communicate with you through numbers shapes and colors
That reveal your momentum and your possibilities

When you see repeating numbers especially duplicate numbers
You are being told that your ambitions and goals have become powerful potentials
And are ready for manifestation

The opportunity will be provided
But it is up to you to act on it

Be optimistic and expand!