The 6 pointed Star of David
Is the unity of male and female
And comes into oneness with God

It is the conjunction of Mars and Venus
In front of Saturn
In the former age
When the planets hovered close above our earth plane

It is symbolic of the divine human being
And the energetic synthesis of the soul

With frequencies of circulating electromagnetic currents
Moving in and out of dimensionalized manifestation

It is the activation of the Life Force
And the building of counter rotating spirals

Creating the diamond sun body
And the perfect elliptical sphere of light

It governs our highest conscious
And obeys the natural laws
Which allows our fullest expression

Allowing the full embodiment
Of new mathematical proportions
That make up the incoming fifth dimensional octave

It resonates our main energy centers
Igniting our crystalline skeletal structure

Increasing the aura which encompasses our body
While dissolving lower frequencies

Connecting us to a showering of interdimensional diamond heat rays
That result in oceanic waves of aquamarine and emerald light

These aqualine sun frequencies are causing genetic restoration
And revealing our true angelic nature

The God principle is androgynous
And part of the ascension cycle!