The quantum field is a living fabric
That surrounds you and exists within you

It is an energetic series of codes
That can be communicated with and decoded
It is a pure intelligence that can be compared to a computer or data base

The language of the field is etheric algorithms
Which also create the structural pattern

This medium can be reprogrammed by those who know the structure
The quantum manifestation protocol is one of writing and rewriting

Thoughts are electrical currents that create holographic wave forms
They get written upon the energetic field
Which mimics them and returns them back to you in various ways

When you accumulate charge your signal is stronger
And you can more easily manifest

When you expand and project you create

You are an infinite emerald flame embedding permanent data upon the holographic medium

If you have the coordinates for a higher octave
You will expand to a new consciousness
And open portals with your frequency

Codes are compiled and transmitted through the heart
Your heart holds codes that shift you from a negative to a positive structure

Compassion and sharing are proper coordinates to send into time space
The specific resonance of the heart downloads precise codes and projects them as frequency

The ether reprints these coordinates and magnetically sends them back
What you put out becomes your experience

You are the universe recreating itself
According to your picture of reality!