As the sperm explodes in the egg
It creates the fetus

When the blueprint of the etheric soul combines with the fetus
The next incarnation of that soul commences
And another voyage of discovery begins

We bring in our talents passions traumas and fears
And repeat these patterns in our experiences

We maneuver in the chess game of life
In and out of positive and negative fluctuations
So that we can learn our lessons

Birthmarks are an imprint of trauma
Suffered from the most immediate past life
The position color and shape of the birthmark all have meanings

If it is on the neck it is referred to as an angels kiss
Some are a beauty mark
Others are called the devils signature

Birthmarks are energetic areas carried over in the souls blueprint

Dreams are gateways into the etheric realms
And disclosures of our current emotional state

They also are revelations of our past life experiences
Encountered in the transmigration of the soul

Deja Vu is an impression of familiarity
When you sense a match of vibration that is embedded in your souls blueprint
People places and events come into your life for a reason

Tarot cards unveil your unconscious mind
They have mythic symbols that trigger embedded impressions

Tarot cards have archaic celestial motifs that were installed in past lives
During previous ages when the heavens above us
Were not the familiar sky we know today

Visualizations are mental pictures which manipulate the forces of the universe

When we focus on positive inner visions
And imagine thoughts of success achievement abundance and prosperity
We will train our life force energy to flow in a new direction

We are God Consciousness in a fractal expression
And have hidden abilities we are not aware of

We can be an attractive or repulsive force
According to our own choosing

Creativity optimism enthusiasm spontaneity
Will free up our highest expression

We clear karmic contracts simply by doing good
By forgiving ourselves and others

We are the sum total of all that we experience
As well as all of our spiritual achievements

Your intentions will be returned to you
In the same intensity!