We are traveling in a boundless sea
In a world of infinite vortex flow

Where energy spirals through the central channel
Of our torus shaped universe

Our electrical biofield or aura is also torus shaped
And our spine is the vortex

In the former age
Venus was the Flower of Life

The Mother of God held the blueprint
For the geometrically patterned energy
That went forth into matter

Patterns of geometry and numbers are sacred
Because they codify the hidden order behind creation

Sacred geometry is found hidden everywhere in nature
Engaging us with the mind of Source
And reminding us of the interconnectedness of everything

The energy patterns that create and unify all things
Is the precise way the universe organizes itself

The Fibonacci Sequence is formed by adding the two previous numbers in the progression
It spirals into the Golden Ratio

These patterns and codes also make up our own inner realm
They are essential to the subtle structure of awareness
And to the education of the soul

Platonic solids are the dice of the gods
The firstborn to emerge from Vesica Pisces was triangle shaped
Showing the tripartite wholeness of the universe

Then fractal patterns of tetrahedrons and octahedrons wove a matrix in space
Interconnecting atoms with the stars

The Merkabah arose when two intersecting and counter rotating tetrahedrons created a 5D energy field
5D is the heart center that connects you to different states of consciousness

As the Mother Goddess precipitated descending plasma light expressions
Icosahedrons and dodecahedrons formed a vector equilibrium
Which is the most primary geometric energy array in the universe

The Metatron Cube then developed
And provided the perfect conditions for the movement of energy to be in complete equilibrium
The Metatron Cube has the potential to generate all the geometry in the world

Spirals are the purest expression of moving energy
The universe moves and transforms in spirals

Blast your spiral vibration through your vortex onto the collective field
Reprint your hologram to the way you want it

Change your timeline with a new resonance
And shift your consciousness to a brand new reality!