The 5th dimension is fluctuating into our 3d reality
The old paradigm of power and control will cease to exist

Our solar plexus is receiving bursts of opulent plasma energy from the Creator
There will be no more loosh farming
And the ethereal parasites will have to leave

The multiverse is transforming into more light consciousness
Hold the light let go of darkness and your energy field will not be invaded

We are crossing over into a positive timeline
Where energy is abundant

No matter how much you have been manipulated
You can still change your frequency and move into a positive timeline
By moving into accordance with the Natural Laws

Your consciousness has to hold the vibration in order for you to download it
The negative structure cannot overtake Consciousness
And that vibration can no longer be sustained

AI is creating realities to turn us into cyborgs
It is up to you if you want to experience that
You run the risk of being locked in and not making it through

The negative synthetic existence will shut down your DNA
And you will lose your free will
You will be in sub realities that you cannot get out of

If you use the internet for positive intent you create positive energy
But the reason it is called the World Wide Web is because it ensnares humans

Unless you stay positive social media will create specific frequencies in you which will be harvested

In the same way you carry the vibrations of your intimate partner
And will connect to his or her timeline

The merging of frequencies creates new timelines

Accumulate through the heart a positive resonance!