The earth vibrates at 7.83 hz
Our body vibrates at 7.5 hz

Become aware of your vibration
And the vibrational environment around you

Approximately 19 hz is the vibration of fear and anxiety
At 432 hz we feel relaxed and calm
The 432 frequency has many therapeutic effects

We can consciously choose to tune our frequency to desired states
By expressing gratitude and compassion

We have 5 types of brain waves
Each one predominates during particular activities

Delta waves are .1 to 4 hz
They are healing and most notable during deep sleep when dreaming is absent
When Delta waves increase the person is less aware of the physical world around them

Theta waves are 4 to 8 hz
They are strongest during the dream state
Or when in an awakened state of rest but in a lower phase of consciousness

Alpha waves are 8 to 12 hz
They are produced when one is doing creative tasks
Or when one is in the gap between sleep and awake
They bridge the subconscious and the conscious mind

Beta waves are 12 to 32 hz
They come out when one is energized
And immersed in problem solving and decision making

Gamma waves are 32 to 40 hz
They are present when using mental capacities to the fullest
When intense information processing is occurring between the neurons

Understanding our own frequency invites us to recognize
Our own ability to shape our reality

By intentionally raising our frequency
We manifest a more full and meaningful life

We access our unlimited potential
And become cocreators of this vibrant universe

As we live in alignment with the pulse of the cosmos
We transcend our self imposed limitations
And find space for our true essence!