Fears are hardwired into the negative ego
They hide in the darkness of the mind
In order to stay in control

Their programming becomes bondage that capture souls
We can feel so shocked and numbed by them
That we refuse to face them

Self doubt is poison to the mind
And hides inner emotional issues

What we fear the most gets buried the deepest
It goes beyond conscious perception
Manifesting as tremendous torrents that greatly affect our impression of safety

Arrogance promotes disrespect and contempt of others
It encourages selfishness and pushes blame outward

Self righteousness espouses a morally superior attitude
False identity is a coping mechanism to deflect learned helplessness

Guilt and shame weakens our higher attributes and affects our relationships
The fear of intimacy is a defense mechanism that avoids emotional closeness
A lack of confidence produces freeze reactions

Our negative emotions greatly cloud our discernment and interpretation of events
We make decisions based on triggers of unhealed personal trauma

Uncorrected emotional states will attract dark spirits that feed off this energy
Which will amplify sensations of chaos and internal anxiety

Fear is most of the time not real or is greatly overblown and imagined
We think we are under some kind of threat when we are not

Fear stunts emotional growth and generates disharmony
It stunts progress and limits our joy of life

Negative feelings are pointing to places that need our attention
And call out for spiritual understanding of unconditional love and self forgiveness

The hidden darkness of unaddressed or unhealed pain will become amplified
And their currents will run their frequency throughout our nervous system

When we demystify them we diminish their emotional charge
And break down the walls we have built to distance ourselves from others

We become conditioned to run on fear based thoughts
We need to pay attention to our own inner dialogue
It is our duty to develop inner strength based on higher qualities

Let your self concept be through the roof
Say I am beautiful
I am powerful
I am incredible

We can gain incredible spiritual strength when we become the director of our life
We achieve freedom when we contextualize fear based perceptions
By facing them we neutralize them

When we shed light upon the darkness we dissolve negative patterns
When we are thankful we shed a whole new light
When we see beauty we run the show!