When a person has high intent
They will be led to experience emotions

That are necessary to develop a recognition of
And to draw in a harmonization of
Their multidimensional selves

A specific energy sequence is needed
To align to the appropriate activation codes
That will build dimensional bridges

Moving forward and going outward
Is going inward

Any spiritual occurrence has deeper meaning
It draws information and produces inspiration

For the activation of incoming codes
Which are contained in platonic plasma light

Quantum data merges with your awakening
Stimulating and upgrading DNA strands

This crystal code alignment
Will externalize aspects of all that is you

As you hold the correct frequencies
You will have a matching resonance
Of a higher timeline

Infinity seeks to express itself
The consciousness of creation is expanding

The Oneness of All will connect with your inner self

Energetic souls infused with integrity
In this physical world will support you
And the Universe will guide you

Your aura will oscillate to new levels of frequency attunement
And your physical body will harmonize with these new octaves

Developing in you the energy to transcend through multiple dimensions

Helping you to experience all that is beautiful!