A great singer is one who sings our silences

When life does not find a singer to sing her heart
She will find a philosopher to speak her mind

When a poet immersed in winters dreams
Crosses a green field of flowers in the spring
He becomes a prophet

As the earth starts to shake
And reverberant thunder is heard from the depths

The two forked flame will flare up
Out of the polus magnetia

The coiled spiral is natures energetic expression
And will cause dust to fly upward

Crater Lake in Oregon with Wizard Island in the middle
Is the result of such a spiraling vortex

The 4 winds will start to play and frolic wildly
The sky and the sea will mix in confusion

Mega storms with the thundering frenzy of furious air currents
Will gather and approach with terrible dread

Lightning will shatter the sky
And uproot the earth

Earthquakes and volcanoes are electrical phenomenon
Lassen Peak in northern California is a dormant volcano ready to erupt
As nearby Lake Almanor experiences earthquake swarms

When the veil is pierced
And the fabric of space time is torn asunder
Entities from the other side will reveal themselves

When the holographic projection from behind the simulated moon is shown for what it is
When the cathode ray tube which accumulates and modulates electrons is seen
When the reflecting and transmitting of light photons onto the celestial screen as images is found out

And the bars and tresses of the grid pattern of the 6 sided moon
Which is really a pulsating space station with clandestine craft is exposed

It will be understood that this is responsible for the ancient oblivion

And peoples hearts will fail from fear!