The mind reflects the soul
Sol is Latin for Saturn

Our soul energy was originally that of Saturn
Who was our heavenly father

Saturns six pointed hexagon at its north pole
Vibrates exactly with its emissions

Diametrically it becomes a cube or box
It is also a magic square with numbers assigned to it

The numbers are

Any of the 3 combinations you add will always be 15
In Illuminati numerology if there is more than 1 digit you add them together
So you get 666 as a representation of Saturns north polar hexagon

This is why the Illuminati always use the hexagon in their rituals
And the reason why the number 666 is promoted

Symbols are an information field that connect energetically to what they represent
Where our attention goes is where our energy flows

Superbowl halftime Satanic ritual shows and Olympic opening ceremonies
Interact with our subconscious and lock us into that frequency
They connect us to what they represent

The frequency field from sound waves of a fake reality hold you in a low vibrational state
Different levels of illusion are introduced that create many kinds of perceptual misdirection
Our reality is transformed and we are kept bewildered and they are kept in power

This is our new soul energy that keeps us in victim mentality
And maintains in us false notions of who the villains actually are

Out of the sky right above us a movie is being projected
And we are actors in a make believe world

We are like a madman trying to play an instrument which is out of tune
From the control of energy in the electromagnetic field
By a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos

Who now rules over our lives rendering us docile
And thrives off our low vibration emotional energy

But we are divine beings
And we are the field of frequency

The field of all that is
And all that ever can be!