You have to play with your power to create
And not suppress what is possible

Frequencies create shape
A low frequency is a continuous sine wave

A sine wave is a geometric waveform that periodically oscillates
Sine in its most basic form is a function of time

We are born into a sine wave
And sign our death certificate upon incarnation
Which is also a time wave

None of us escapes Father Time
Which is the same as the Grim Reaper

Kronos or Saturn means time
The sickle or curved sword of the Grim Reaper represents the rings

Time is money and the dollar sign $ means Isis
The banking cartels are all part of the Saturn alien cult

As we spend our time making money
We are kept in an energetic low frequency distortion

We are walking computer terminals of a firewalled reality
We are information constructs in a waveform state

There are particular frequencies or tonal vibrations attached to each planet
Saturn used to be our source of uplifting Ohm resonance

Now the sound emanating from Saturn is as creepy as hell
As our negative emotions are harvested
The reverberation of its ring tone is like the crying of millions of souls

Jupiter and Uranus also now have rings
The rings are formed by intelligent beings
Who are using us for energy!