The Book of Revelation is being followed like a plan
Bringing what is written to pass

The purpose is to manipulate and control those who believe in the prophecies
A perfect way to neutralize the opposition

The Mark of the Beast is not discussed in churches
Because people believe it is Gods will
And think who am I to stop it

Our DNA is being changed by the Covid injections

Unless you are aware of the controller agenda
You will lose awareness of the fact
That you are gradually losing your independent ability
To think on your own

Your beliefs will go away
And you will become a part of the hive mind

We will become a controlled bio robotic serf class
Serving the elite who want to achieve immortality

The smart mark is the next phase
It will be a self administered injection that will leave a mark

It will have dissolvable sugar based microneedles
That contain fluorescent copper based quantum dots
Which are embedded inside biocompatible micron sized capsules
And will leave patterns that identify if you have received the micro needle array patch

It will be scanned for all financial transactions
Also to access the internet
And confirm your hive mind status
Without it you cannot travel

We will become orderly citizens standing six feet apart
Doing what the command center says

Devices now are pretty much a part of our body
This is being sold as the next big step

The time is now to draw your line in the sand!