Most presidents have been reptilian
President Taft had a tail

Reptilians are manipulative emotionless sociopathic and ego driven
They created the Gray Aliens who cloned the White Nordics

There are some reptilians who have gone rogue
And have developed human sympathy
Kind of like Mr Spock

Due to the plasma energy influx
And the 5D Great Awakening
They will no longer be able to hide themselves

So they will position themselves as saviors
And reveal themselves beforehand
Promising freedom and technology

Also the android politicians
And the robotic elite
Who society does not notice
Will become disposable

The public is none the wiser
To the nefarious goings on behind the scenes

It is hard for humans to process this knowledge
Because it goes against their primary belief system

The reptilians have taken our gold
To create light orbs

They are not used to emotions
And when feeling an extreme emotion in a human body
They will not know how to react

They will shapeshift or project themselves outwardly

The world around us is non human

We are on a torus
That has an axis or toroidal coil

It carries a greater current
Therefore its magnetic field attracts and threads charged objects
To the inner center

It is a circuitry of frequency transmitters and receivers of high inductance

Reptilians are here to learn about the light
They do not have a connection to The Source

They come from an outside realm
Which is linked to our parallel world

Humans carry the genetic code of light beings
And now also possess reptilian DNA

Because their DNA and energy signature is different
They cannot exist here long on their own
So they created human hybrids

They have also intentionally scrambled our DNA code
To limit our spiritual discernment

They produce artificial frequencies to influence our minds and our thoughts

Reptilians do not know love

We as light beings invite them to come to the light
And experience love

Love is the greatest state one can experience!