Elohim the god of Genesis is the plural of El. Elus the Phoenician creator god was used interchangeably with El as was Kronos – the Greek god of the planet Saturn. Yahweh often rendered as Jehovah was also referred to as El (Saturn). The Sumerian god Enki and the Babylonian god Ea also known as An or Anu were also believed to be the equivalent of El. In fact Saturn comes up in every ancient belief system. Indic – Varuna, Inca – Haucha, Persian – Yuma, Chinese – Shang-Ti etc.
Besides phonetically and from the writings of the ancients themselves one can discover the planetary designation of each god by comparing their traits. A resting or stationary god is a common motif. Shabtai also a Hebrew name for Saturn was known as the resting star or the Star of the Sabbath. Brahma the great Vedic deity (also Saturn) is perhaps the most well known resting god sitting on top of a mountain – which is another common characteristic. A great mountain with twin peaks was the home of the planetary gods. Mt. Olympus and Mt. Zion are just two of the plethora of mountains that became localized after the original meaning of the text was forgotten due to the fact that the sky eventually changed to it’s present form.
The great God also resided in the North and was surrounded by “a great city” or by “his children”. As the psalmist wrote:
Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. In the city of our god in the mountain of his holiness. Beautiful in elevation the joy of the whole Earth. Is Mt. Zion on the sides of the North the city of the great king.
Having what astronomers would refer to as a sub-brown dwarf star placed above the Earth’s polar region in historical times explains the origin of religion. Helios the same as El or Allah was a Pole Star. So was the Babylonian Shamash (Saturn).
Due to its’ circumstellar rings Saturn was known as the Lord of the Sea. (Poseidon or Neptune). Saturn was also known as Lord of the Violent Wind which is the same as the Spirit of God – the Hebrew Rauch of Elohim in Genesis. This Celestial Wind or North Wind is the same as the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. What it was is an ethereal stream or polar column which glistened with a bright white color (the original Milky Way) when the wandering god found his resting place on the celestial polar axis.
Stars can be seen to emit bi-polar rays. Actually what is taking place is the increased voltage into arc mode of an already existing electrical current. This is what took place at the beginning of creation with Saturn.
Saturn was a third of the Holy Trinity. Venus placed right in front of Saturn was the All Seeing Eye or Queen of Heaven was the second god. The third god was Mars – the Pupil of the Eye – who traveled up and down the polar axis and became the Only Begotten Son of God sent to save the world!