Advanced spacecraft is frequently spotted around Saturn
Enormous radio emissions continually pour out from Saturn
The hexagon storm on Saturn moves in relation to these radio emissions

Sound is used to manipulate the human genetic code
And our reptilian brain or neocortex is controlled by outer vibrational sequences
Which results in an enslavement of perception

We limit ourselves vibrationally when we identify with labels
When we exist at a low vibration we will not be able to leave this realm
Other dimensions are manipulating this one

These altered Saturnian oscillations operate outside the band of frequencies we can see
The frequency range available to us inhibits our awareness and discernment

When we put a unique spin on things
We are expressing an opinion independent of the conforming viewpoint

We are acting according to our own cellular spin rate
And not of one that has been deceitfully impressed upon us

A particular point of view is the angle which we see things
The angle is the directional inclination of our cells

Enceladus Mimas and Titan are 3 of Saturns moons
Which are bases for this undertaking of twisting the human mind

Where human life is measured in dollars
And you are treated as a credit rating
Currency is the electric current in the sea of energy

Saturn was our former god
Its vibrational qualities sent warm and loving frequencies
Which were embedded in our DNA

Now its soundwaves are being maneuvered and contorted
So that they will hypnotize us into believing lies
And bewitch us as we decode our reality

If our visual acuity was increased
We would not only see the malevolent activities behind the curtain

We would see the entities walking around among us
Acting human and pretending they are one of us!