All matter is made of specific frequencies of light and sound

When at similar states of resonance and vibrational sequences
Light and sound waves combine and forms a plasma

Thoughts put light and sound into the plasma field
When consciousness has a thought it organizes plasma

You create a reality by your thoughts deeds and emotions
You organize holographic geometrical formations by the projection of your energy

Holograms are vibrational representations of various wave form states
Your brain decodes holographic energy into physical realities

By focusing with your imagination you send out a snapshot of a parallel reality
What hologram you put out into the quantum field is what you get back

The entire structure of the universe is constructed by particles of trinity plasma
We exist in a thought projection

We abide in a universal mind expressed in a multiplicity of eternal minds
That are exploring their various transformations

We are complex mathematical equations of energy coming to know themselves
The ultimate realization is knowing we are god
Our unity is necessary for awakening

We are like computer terminals
Only receiving a fraction of the information waveforms that we are capable of processing

We limit ourselves to what we believe is possible
And are suppressed in a mundane lifestyle which affects our energy field

Photons from the sun are being deflected
Keeping us unaware of our infinite potential

But we are liberating ourselves from the shackles of fear and ignorance
And propelling ourselves into a new era of enlightenment and discovery

We are the plasma field
And the vast code of the cosmic library exists in us!