The Nexus is a cross dimensional doorway
Which provides a pathway to any and all possible realities
Including simulations within realities

Saturn once the god of life giving energy
From higher dimensional planes

Is trying to be remodeled
Into a gateway to negative realities

Human energy affects planetary output
Especially the raw primitive emotions of trauma

Blood sacrifices unleash traumatic energy
That open portals to negative worlds

The raising of the two outer fingers in the shape of a bulls horns
By Illuminati members who are the esteemed members of society
Represents blood sacrifices

As does the touching of the forefinger with the thumb
That creates 3 sixes with the outer three fingers

In underground laboratories human trauma is transferred
To upgraded synthetic humanoid clones
For the purpose of instilling human behavior in them

They can now mirror emotions feign empathy and cry on cue

The Deep Web shows newly created humanoid armies
Both Chinese and American

Soldiers are sold to die
And they are being replaced by artificial clones

The transfer of their consciousness into a new cloned body
Is the elites version of eternal life

Your favorite rap star country singer pop star
Race car driver quarterback politician etc are clones
Many are not even human

2 is the number of rebirth or resurrection into another body
When the Illuminati hold up 2 fingers it is not a peace sign

Reptilians in a cloned body will exhibit reptilian traits
Long fingers long tongue serpent eyes hissing etc

Elitists give up their body to be possessed by Reptilians
They have a transference ritual when the body is prepared

Dancing nurses are choreographed sigils to conjure demons
As are sex pedophile rituals
The most famous ones are held in the catacombs of the Vatican
And at the Bohemian Grove which is a gathering of elitist pedophiles

Who make up the esteemed member of society
And occupy the high profile positions!