Hardly anyone has any notion of the fight
That is happening to save humanity

4th dimensional reptilians induce holographic inserts
Which project ideas and images into our mind
That are based on destructive human vices

Humans act on them and put themselves in destructive timelines
That produce negative life force energy which they feed off of
This is called the Harvest

Energy is collected by an artificial 4D machine known as the Reversal Grid
It buffers incoming signals to other dimensions

Sonic scalar technology produces an electromagnetic force field
That emit interference patterns
Which promote the use of trauma to extract energy

Stonehenge in England is a collection point
Where huge amounts of stolen life force from multiple subsidiary networks
Are collected through the earths gridlines

These connection points are portals to the universe
They are where the ley lines intersect

The reptilian race of Alpha Draconians
Keeps humans in a state of fear
So that we continually produce negative life force energy that they feed off of

If we ascend to a higher frequency they would lose control
That is why there is mass poisoning taking place

They altered our genetics by splicing it with the DNA of primates
Which is the Rh Rhesus factor
Rhesus is a type of monkey

This DNA tampering made us homosapien
It is what scientists call the Missing Link

RH negative blood types hold the original 12 strand DNA blueprint
Which enables them to access the 12th dimensional consciousness

Rh negatives are more prone to have paranormal experiences and prophetic dreams
They are also highly intuitive

Grey aliens can see what you think
Because what you think becomes a hologram in front of you

Arcturians are sparkling white shining ETs
And are very kind

They are here to connect humans to the Natural Laws
Which will shut down the Archon matrix
That give illusions of reality!