Oh you 4 gods who stand in support of the sky
My father Osiris has not died but possesses an imperishable spirit

Atom Ra lord of the 4 pillars
Brightens firm upon his supports

The creator god of the Apaches made 4 great posts
And placed them at the 4 cardinal points

The Cherokees believe a great celestial island once floated upon a cosmic sea
Supported by 4 solid rock ropes

Atlas and Hercules upheld the sky upon 4 pillars
Samson was chained to the 4 pillars of the heavenly temple

The tetra flower is a self organizing tetrahedron with quadrangle implosion
It has 4 sided symmetry
The 4 axes are mapped with exact phi ratio nodes

The Tesseract is a 4 dimensional analogue of the cube
It is a 3d cube in a 4d square
The Tesseract is stored in Yahwehs Vault

It becomes a glowing blue cube capable of great power
That can transport anything from one point in the universe to another
It is a plasma projector that resets energy

In legend it was a crystalline cube shaped containment vessel
That was destroyed to retrieve the space stone

The Tesseract is a 4 dimensional rotating cube or cubic prism
It is the same as the jewel of Odins treasure room

It is the genie in the bottle surrounded by an electromagnetic field or Ben Sira
And the regenerated Seraphim encircled by cherubim

The Red Crystal is a crystal capacitor of very high piezoelectric efficiency
Surrounded by smaller crystals of optical and electric properties

It is the dilithium crystal of Star Trek
That creates a phase conjugation of longitudinal EMF plasma projection
Thereby forming wormholes of the golden ratio

The Red Cube is a name for alien technology
Which produces reversal currents that manipulate our reality
Creating timelines of specific vibrational frequencies called the matrix

When the northern lights drift up
And the starlit stairway or spiral staircase forms
The rotating beams of polarized light splits out into vertical axes

Planets of different dimensional charge drift towards the magnetic pole
And produce geometric configurations of sacred geometry

The celestial Temple of God or House of Yahweh
Was a celestial crystal aligning the facet planes with the molecular planes

And the knowledge of the physics of the structure is now being utilized
To program physical destinations and timelines!