A focused human intention is able to direct the compression of electric charge

Know the feeling of abundance and well being and maintain that emotion
And you will project the frequency of it

Everything is available in the now
You have to construct it to see it

When you rewire your brain manifestation becomes quicker
Because you will automatically tune into the frequency
But you have to take action

We hold the DNA codices of very advance ETs
And it has become a trading currency of interdimensional entities

DNA is a compound of 22 different genes and forms a helix
It responds to the phonon cascade of heart coherence and brain waves by tightening and squeezing
Resulting in the implosion of soul energy

Dracos and their Grays have not been able to crack the human DNA code
Because it is designed to operate on compassion and caring

Happiness kindness and affection will cause you to achieve
Super conductivity and charge distribution

You will see a wonderful dream
When you are wonderful to others

Forgiveness is the most generous act one can do for themselves
It frees us from the bonds of entanglement which manifest painful patterns

Forgiving yourself is of the utmost importance
Because it clears self sabotaging attitudes and beliefs of victimization

Gratitude gives your mind a new interpretation of reality
And you begin to see a different world

Take steps in the direction of your desire
What we focus on is what materializes

Ascension is emotional healing
It is the resolving of inner wounds and unrealistic fears

When we are cognizant of who we really are
We become aware of our power to create

Our DNA possesses stargate portal access

Open the doors of your perception
And listen to the whisper of the stars!