Boaz and Jachin are 2 megalithic stones at Solomons Temple in Jerusalem
But originally were the bronze or copper pillars
That stood in the porch of the celestial temple of Saturn
Sol = Saturn

Psalms 85:11 says
Truth shall spring out of the earth

Isaiah 5:26
The sticks of Joseph and Judah shall be one in the Lords hand

These are the 2 prophets of Revelation 11
That will speak from the dust

When the apocalypse arises and energetic plasma enters our realm
The cathode and anode on either side of the northern auroral column will show themselves
In the thick dense foggy charged atmosphere

Saturn positioned itself as the King of Kings
The Ring of Solomon that was manipulated by genies who lived in the garden
Was the circles of electrified plasma formed by Saturn

The genies were the lesser orbs attracted to the green glow of Venus
All exchanged charge and communicated with each other electrically

Sigils are the symbolic reproduction of these formations
That serve as conduits of electrical signals to the human brain

These patterns are pulsed frequencies given off by TV
To hypnotize the viewer into programmed acceptance and compliance

The crimson thread bracelet worn by the Illuminati has 7 knots
Sheba is Hebrew for 7
The Queen of Sheba that married Solomon was Venus and Saturn

The 7 knots is the 7 rings around Saturn that are still visible today through a telescope
The Genie were also the Jinn who were made of subtle fire

Daughter of Zeus and dweller in the spacious sky
Most beautiful of the heavenly host

Maid of the golden glistening house
Whose heart is filled with the longings of love

Is it Pans frenzy that possesses you
Why do you rave so

Crowned with the golden glory of your hair
You become at one moment a fire in the storm of fate

Can you conquer love with discretion and good sense
Is it Dionysus that you desire

Do you value pleasure over virtue
Or when love strikes you will you just bear it

Will you strain loyalty to your mate
By dalliance with strangers

The tide of passion at full surge is not withstandable
And your yielding spirit will be subdued by the gentle strokes of love!