For an Ice Age to occur there has to be simultaneous heat and cold. Heat to evaporate the water and cold to freeze it. No one has been able to come up with a valid explanation for these concurrent events. Until now.
Also why was the extreme North free of ice during the very same ages. And why is there so much signs of life that got destroyed in a very sudden catastrophic manner in these very same regions?
Myth and religion tell stories of when a Great God ruled in the North. A stationary God surrounded by other gods amidst a celestial ocean. Petroglyphs inscribed on rock, show fascinating pictures of a sun that doesn’t look anything like the present one. Some show two other orbs in front of a bigger one.
When the Creator God Saturn formerly a brown dwarf star in the Earth’s northern realms reigned supreme it shone directly on the earth’s northern hemisphere. That is why that region was free of ice and teeming with myriads of animal and plant life.
Earth has what is called polar vortexes. The same kind of vortexes can be easily seen on Venus because of their charge intensity. A northern positioned brown dwarf sun (Saturn) would have had a powerful effect causing Earth’s polar vortexes to become more electrified and energetic like Venus’ polar vortexes.
These Auroral Ovals would collect dust (dust has high electrostatic potential) and become dusty plasmas. They would then cast a perpetual shadow on a ribbon of land that encircled Earth’s polar latitudes. These shadowed ribbon areas were responsible for the cooling of the areas and causing the precipitation there to freeze and creating a circle of ice in each hemisphere. But the more northerly Arctic regions were bathed in Saturn’s direct beams. And this is why the remains of coral, palm trees and tropical animals are there.
But what caused all the atmospheric dust? The same thing that caused all the ice ages. Saturn’s sudden outbursts. These outbursts occurring at different times and separated by many years were the result of Saturn’s endeavor to enter the Sun’s heliosphere and also its’ attempt to reach a charge equilibrium once inside the sun’s domain. These exchanges of charge greatly affected the Earth – being a satellite of Saturn. A temporary braking of the Earth’s diurnal rotation would result and henceforth oceans would leave their accustomed boundaries and protrude upon many inland regions. Volcanoes and earthquakes would also commence.
These sub-stellar outbursts would have initially blasted away Earth’s atmosphere. But the outbursts would also bring in vast amounts of Saturn’s own dust which it had just expelled. This is what is meant by the myths such as the Mayan claim that the celestial waters receded to create a void. The void being the newly created space between Saturn and it’s atmospheric enclosure.
This newly arrived Saturnian dust also conglomerated in the Earth’s circulating currents and created ice and cold in other areas. The Persian Saturn Ahura Mazda was the instigator of 10 months of winter and 2 months of summer which chill the earth so much that even the summer months are icy.
These solar outpourings from the Creator God are the reason for the Greenland ice core containing more than 100 times more dust in the “Pleistocene Epoch”.
What gouged out the Carolina Bays and similar northern oriented pockmarks in other states as well as around the world in places such as the Yukon, North Sea, Siberia, Holland and South America are these nova like flares from Saturn. Which is the divine matter of Amen-Ra sent forth in the beginning.
As Saturn approached the Sun’s heliosphere it started losing energy. The oneness of the world dissipated. Communication on all levels was lessened – primarily with the animals. Weather fluctuations increased. Birds of all kinds especially the dinosaur sized ones started losing their ability of flight.
The pyramids were built as power generators to reinstall this decreased electrical energy once so abundant in nature.
The solar flares were initiated by the contacts of the heliospheres of the Brown dwarf star Saturn and the Sun. This effected Earths plasmodial core and many land masses sank including the three principal Atlantis islands of Poseidon, Aryan and Og as well as the lesser ones. The underwater megalithic city by Cuba testifies to this affect. The islands that made up the Pacific Ocean land mass of Lemuria suffered the same effect. The inhabitants fled to other parts of the world and built pyramids and megalithic structures in these places also.
The final entry in the Sun’s heliosphere caused a violent surge of power in these edifices around the world. That is why in ancient sites like Puma Punku the granite has been blown to bits. It is also why many pyramids are in a state of ruble. And why ones still standing have burnt or darkened interior areas such as the Great pyramid at Giza.
That is also why the ice ages ended at the same time the pyramids became inoperative. The water level rose and many megalithic structures became submerged. Those along the Britany coast lead into water. More megaliths can be seen there at low tide.
With the age of the giants over tribal people such as the Hopi and Chippewa who lived farther north migrated south. The Chippewa remember in their legends that the Great Spirit – their Creator God Saturn – failed the first three times in his attempts at creation because there was too much ice. The Hopi say that their Creator God Sotuknang (Saturn) on his third attempt made the ice start to melt and warmed up the world.
During the Exodus – the time of great upheaval when the configuration of the planetary gods was disengaging – it became known that the giants (the Atlantean descendants) were dying off. And that is the reason why the spies sent ahead by the wandering Hebrews were surprised to find giants still in the land of Hebron. The giants who were ‘startling to the sight and terrible to the hearing’ constructed many of the cities in the land of Canaan including the temple complexes at Baalbek and Jerusalem. They built 18 feet thick walls with cyclopean masonry such as the walls of Jericho in which newly arrived Canaanites sought refuge from the calamitous disasters and plagues that the planetary gods were striking the world with. According to ancient sources some giants were in the area as late as the days of Joshua. Many remained in various locations and some descendants were chiefs of native tribes in the Americas even as late as the time of the early European explorers.
When Saturn was obscured by the dust of its’ nova-like flares it became known as the Hidden God or sometimes the Lost God or the Dark God. And as the Light and Dark God. The dark side being considered dangerous or evil because it was associated with the calamitous outbursts. This dark side was seen as an evil entity that tempted the Saturn God on his heavenly mountain. This belief showed up later as the temptation of Christ when Jesus was said to be tempted by Satan on an exceedingly high mountain. As with many of Jesus’ adventures this saga is just an echo of former times when Saturn ruled atop his celestial Holy Mountain, which was a stream of plasma, a cosmic jet or stellar ray emanating from this former small brown dwarf star.
Other appellations were the Black Star, Black Saturn or the Black God. This is why the pilgrimage is made to Mecca because encased in the Ka’ba – the shrine which the devotees wander around 7 times – is a black stone with another stone called the Yamini. Kissing the Black Stone or at least touching it is the goal. The shrine is encased in the kiswah which is a tightly encircling curtain of black cloth. Mohammad saved the Black Stone while destroying other idols because he thought this was the true deity. The black meteorite which fell from heaven was considered to have come from Allah (Saturn) – The God Star that because of being enshrouded with dust from it’s eruptive outpourings seemed to turn black!
History keeps being pushed back farther and farther into the remote past. Time to put it all in the proper place!