Time is relative. Beyond a certain point our measurements of time are meaningless.
Myth and religion tell of an era when there was no time. When there was no sun. When there was no succession of night and day. When thee was no moon and thus no month. When even the stars were occluded from our sight. We had no inkling about what a year is.
The Satapatha Brahmana unequivocally speaks of a time when the year was not in existence.
One of the Sanskrit names for the Hindu god Kala means time.
Kala with his waters of chaos can then be linked with the Hebrew Elohim who in the beginning also had waters of chaos.
Prajapati who means year and was the very first Hindu god can then also be linked with Elohim who was the first god.
The god Varuna also means year and so is the Latin god Saturn who is referred to as the year.
The wheel of time is linked with Brahma who is the Hindu Saturn.
The Greek god Kronos means time. Kronos is associated with Saturn.
The god Janus from where we get the first month January is also associated with Saturn.
The god Aion or Aeon from where we get the word Eon was also another name for Saturn.
The Persian god Zurvan was the Iranian god of time and is another personification of Saturn.
The creation account in the Satapatha Brahmana states that the water of chaos produced time.
The creation account in the Wong shi Shing of China tells how before the spreading of light chaotic waters existed.
In the Aztec creation account Xiuhtecuhtli was lauded as the year lord. He was also the central fire that turned the heavens. He then can be equated with Brahma who is Saturn who turned the heavenly wheel.
Saturn our first king and god instigated the inauguration of time.
Saturn was a benevolent ruler. Our world enjoyed this golden Age of Kronos.
But Saturn began to lose its strength and we plummeted into an ice age.
The Persian Saturn Ahura Mazda was the instigator of 10 months of winter and 2 months of summer which chill the earth so much that even the summer months are icy.
The Chippewa remember in their legends that the Great Spirit – their Creator God Saturn – failed the first three times in his attempts at (re)creation because there was too much ice.
The Hopi say that their Creator God Sotuknang (Saturn) on his third attempt made the ice start to melt and warmed up the world.
Because of the inconsistent shedding of light Saturn became known as the Dark God. The dark side being considered dangerous or evil because it was associated with the calamitous outbursts.
This dark side was seen as an evil entity that tempted the Saturn God on his heavenly mountain. This belief showed up later as the temptation of Christ when Jesus was said to be tempted by Satan on an exceedingly high mountain. As with many of Jesus’ adventures this saga is just an echo of former times when Saturn ruled atop his Holy Mountain which was a stream of plasma at the celestial polar axis.
Other appellations were the Black Star or Black Saturn.
In the Moslem pilgrimage to Mecca devotees wander 7 times around a shrine called the Ka’ba. Encased in the Ka’ba is a black stone with another stone called the Yamini. Kissing the Black Stone or at least touching it is the goal. The shrine itself is covered in the Kiswah which is a tightly encircling curtain of black cloth.
The number seven refers to the 7 encirclements or the 7 rings of Saturn.
Mohammad saved the Black Stone while destroying other idols because he thought this was the true deity. The black meteorite which fell from heaven was considered to have come from Allah (Saturn).
The God Star that because of being enshrouded with dust from it’s eruptive outpourings seemed to turn black.
As Saturn lost it’s strength it retreated into the distant heavens and our present sun became prominent.
Our present sun was always close but it was lurking in the shadows playing second fiddle to Saturn.
The distant light of our present sun became visible at the same time of the flare up of Saturn which is the basis for all creation accounts.
We live in a plasma cell and both our present and former suns are electrodes or anodes within that cell.
Our notions of time have no relevance outside our little enclosure.