Chakras function in a fractal design
They spiral in toroidal cyclical patterns

Every octave or sphere of the spiral is a vibrational frequency
Higher octaves activate higher strands of DNA
Your DNA is a vibrational code of expression

You can shift octaves by changing your subconscious belief systems
Which will allow you to expand the range of frequencies that you access

The expansion of frequencies enables connection to extra terrestrial beings
And permits you to navigate interdimensionally

The frequencies of the earth funnel up into you at the base of your spinal vortex
And out through your crown chakra

Our emotions are energetic vibrational frequencies
Vibrational frequencies are the language of the universe

Surrender to the infinite potential of the life force
That expresses itself through us

We have an illusion of limitations of our cocreating power
Because of restrictive thought forms or debris that manifest as vibrational frequency

How you hold electricity as a conduit makes up your energy patterns
Your conductivity is a function of codes of vibration

Fear constricts the flow of the spin of your vortex
And does not allow you to come into your full expression
But positive energy is a magnet that attracts people

When you have perfect flow and perfect expansion
You will turn fear into love
And you will experience your true self!