In Revelations 9
An angelic star falls from heaven
And is given the keys to the bottomless pit

As the underworld is opened and the barrier pierced
Smoke rises up like that of a great furnace

The sky becomes dark
And locusts are sent out to harm those without the seal of God
They sting like that of a scorpion

Men will seek death but not find it
Because there is so much energy in the world

As oxygen in ionized plasma increases
More oxygen is carried to organs which increases functionality

Muscles and tissues create more collagen
And the skin glows with a beautiful appearance

The northern borealis becomes the Fountain of Youth
It transforms into a beam of energy raining plasma down upon us

All life is affected
Grasshoppers become huge swarming psychotic locusts

As shown in fossils dragonflies and scorpions become well over 3 feet long
Arthropleura is a centipede that grew into 8 feet long monsters
Fossils of giant bears tigers beavers and sloths abound

At the end of the previous world age
When the heavens drew near to the earth
The trunk of Igdrasil the World Tree served as a hideout or Leaf Dazir

It was the Cave of Revelation where Mohammad received instruction on Mt Thawr
It was the Cave of Wonders and the Cave of Prophecies
Where according to some sources John wrote the Book of Revelations

It was the Cave of Treasures and the Cave of Saviors where Elijah hid from the prophets of Baal
Whom Jezebel had sent to go after him

It was the hidden manger where the Son of God is born or rejuvenated
It was the place where the rivers of life which were as clear as crystal
Flowed from the Throne of God and the Lamb

These rivers flowed down the main street in the City of the Great King
To the Tree of Life which bore 12 fruit
Which were the 12 apostles

And there was no more night in the City of God
For the Lord God continually shines upon it

This is the same as the Hopi prophecy
Where the Kachina will remove his mask in the great plaza of the sky
Plaza means main street

As the world is filled with plasma energy
The vault in the sky will brighten and pierce the darkness

In the misty fog
The sons of God will rule in the new heavens
And upon the new earth!