Portals are electrical pathways to other dimensions
They are doorways to other realms of different frequencies
You cannot enter if you are not vibrating with the corresponding resonance of that reality

Portals allow communication with your higher self
Which promotes higher modes of thought

They also permit access to higher dimensional beings and to the Source Field
One of my readers has said she has recently seen portals open up over the Florida Keys

The goal of CERN is to create openings for negative entities
But the negative structure will only exist for a certain amount of time
As the source Field repels nonharmonic resonances

Between world ages the Universal Mind opens up a hole in the sky
And fills its high energy density aurora tower with plasma

A stupendous plasma storm enters our realm
Accompanied by geomagnetic storms of unimaginable magnitude

Arrangements of plasma filaments shoot out across the sky
Which was the organization of space by the mythical gods of creation

The aurora borealis is made visible by strong electrical plasmatic activity
And becomes the Holy Ghost

Each world upheavals is the chaos and ruin of the earlier age
It is the end of a great year or world age by the convulsion of nature

In the very first verse of Genesis the Hebrew word bara is translated as create
But it means forced into shape by violence

The pre existing mayim or waters in Genesis which the Wind or Spirit of god traveled over
Were not made by the creator

Elohim translated as god means Saturn
Saturn and the other planets drifted toward the north pole because of the increased charge
The primeval waters was the plasma that entered our realm through the hole or portal that opened in the sky

The Hopi believe in an original sea in the heavens before creation
The waters became chaotic when the newly positioned planets interacted electrically with the abundance influx of plasma

When Elohim shined his primordial light onto the chaos of darkness
It was Saturn organizing his cosmos

The second verse of Genesis states that the middle heaven translated as earth was formless and void
The Vedic Laws of Manu state that all that existed was formless and void

A better translation would be the heavens consisted of indiscriminate chaos
The chaos was the plasma entering our world through the hole in the sky

The ultra violet photons of plasma when coming into contact with our cellular structure produce ATP
Which is the energy molecule adenosine triphosphate
These molecules of life charge our body

They can either be beneficial or lethal
According to ones ability to hold charge
Being positively charged is of the utmost importance

Past pockets of high energy charge are responsible for the folded strata that makes up mountains
And the stratified rock layers that lie in demarcation zones

The ladder to heaven is also the backbone of the sky and world tree
It is the plasma vortex column in the middle of our world

This is where the plasma enters that ends one age and begins another
The expansion and constricting of the plasma column is the breath of god
The pulsating etheric resonance is what carries the plasma out above the structure

The Universal Mind downloads data in times of apocalyptic cosmic upheavals
Through its divine fractals of life
Who exist in this holographic universe!