Illuminati rituals use spiritual energy
To create trigger events and achieve ceremonial magic

The dancing nurses are performing Sigil Light dancing
To help manifest goals into reality

A Sigil is a symbol you create
That works with your unconscious self

Sigil dancing is choreographed movements of intuition based symbols

Sigils are a basic part of Jewish Kabballah
And a big component of chaos magic

It was introduced by the Archangel Raziel
Which was an undulating celestial orb in the former era

You first write down your intent
And put it in a magic word square such as a Sator Square
Where Latin words are spelled out horizontally and vertically

Or you assign numerical values to your intent
And put it in a magic numerical square such as
Where all directions of lines add up to 15

Then you draw lines between each number that is assigned to your intent

When the resulting pattern is danced out
It is communicating to the subconscious to find ways to bring it into reality
Images are easier for the subconscious to follow

A circle is needed to contain the energy

Sex is a big part of Illuminati ritual magic
Because of the energy it creates
Energy is needed to charge or activate a Sigil

The Latin language incorporates sound energy
Which can be utilized to manifest a desire

That is why Latin was abolished as a common language
The former highly advanced Tartarian civilization spoke Latin

Higher mind functions exist in the seed of the heart

When our spleen is activated to its spiritual function and purpose
Healing and renewing takes place

As we move through time and space
We then become sustained in the power
Of eternally perpetuated light!