Metatron means beyond the matrix
The Archangel Metatron was the celestial orb near the actual Metatron Cube formation
Which consisted of the intersection points of plasmoids

The complexity of the Metatron reverberated with the intricate motion of pulsating sound
It was another manifestation of the Flower of Life

When in the former age
Venus transcribed the radiating filaments of Saturn and Jupiter
Into a beautiful flowering display

The Anunnaki or Sons of Anu were the orbs close to Saturn
The sons of god who came down
Were these lesser orbs drifting below into the lower heavens

The god who warned of a cataclysmic flood was Saturn
It was Saturn at the world axis
Who diverted the plasma of the polar column into a cosmic sea

Noah was the god of the underworld or Mars
He was the builder and the one riding in the ark
Which was the crescent shaped light of Jupiter behind Saturn

In the Epic of Gilgamesh
Enki is Saturn and Gilgamesh is Mars

The flood was not terrestrial but celestial
And happened approximately 500 years ago

There was a very dense atmosphere
And a lot of rain due to the magnetic uplifting of the water dipole molecule
But it covered the celestial mountain not any terrestrial ones

Mt Ararat was the world mountain at the north pole

Another plasma event is coming
To bring in the Age of Aquarius

When the planets start to migrate toward the north
And the bright blue beam of the polar column arises

You will know that another world age
Is on its way!