Consciousness is a sequence that converts to geometry
And becomes a hologram based on sound waves

In the creator blueprint there are many pockets of different realities
Each reality has a sequence and a life of itself
And reprints itself according to the consciousness contained in it

AI mimics this and creates realities for itself

You are either connected to the organic God Source
Or an AI mirror image fake reality
That locks you into an AI matrix timeline

Consciousness is a universal mind energy
And reality is frequency

When you hold a higher vibration
You create a new hologram for yourself

Whatever you project comes back to you
And you replace one frequency with another

Consciousness is constructed when you download information
When positive choices are made you become more potent
Source will then activate you to override the negativity in others

Consciousness is memory
When you hold a positive reality
You will have the power to bring harmony

As you express your positive holographic geometry
In this 3D frequency
You will also vibrate the sequence of infinity!