A wave is coming that will activate DNA
Memory will be awakened

It will not be a Coronal Mass Ejection hurled by the sun
It will be a cyclical event of incoming plasma

The sun has turned white and it is now starting to appear blue
Because of increased electrical conductivity
This will be the Blue Kachina of the Hopi

When blue shoots out of the aurora borealis
It will be the beginning of a new age

The skies will turn red then orange and then to yellow
Which is the return of the golden age

New York City recently experienced an orange sky
The color of the sky can be manipulated by ionizing the atmospheric gases

223 fires have simultaneously started in Canada
They are not from unattended campfires that got out of hand
But are from laser weaponry

223 is 322 the sign of the Skull and Bones secret society
Also 223 can be broken down to 11 11 3 or 11 3

There is a band called 3-11
They sing lyrics funneled by the Illuminati
Such as rainstorm take me away from the norm
The storm will start at the north pole

In Las Vegas there was green lightning
Then reports of a 10 foot alien in someones backyard

Green is the color of the mark of the beast
This newscast was a spell cast to attempt to bring in that reality

When something is promoted by the media
Then it is most certainly a narrative that the powers that be want you to believe in

Ets are fractal verse travelers that go through plasma conduits
To alternate versions of the earth
ETs have always been a part of our world

Because of changing world conditions they will no longer be able to hide as humans
And are planning to show themselves beforehand in a good light

Some stars are turning blue and are becoming blue diamond shaped
The star Betelgeuse in the Sirius constellation is flashing red white and blue

It is time to get serious!