In the previous era an astrological omen
Was when the usurper Mars darkened the former sun god who was Saturn

In this age no celestial body can get in between the current sun and the earth
Since the sun is small and close
Eclipses of the sun were only a reality in the former epoch

Amazing Biblical stories have their origin in the starry skies
The story of David and Goliath is no exception

Our true history is hidden
It is of a past with advanced technology
Not one of sheepherders roaming around for thousands of years

The unerring marksman is a common theme in religion and myth

Thor threw his hammer never missing his mark
And it would always return to his hand

Murukan threw a javelin which never missed its mark and also would always return to him
Rudra shot his heavenly hurled arrows never missing his target

Skanda threw his spear whose target was the eye in the hub of the celestial wheel
Which is the same as the Wheel of Shamash or Saturn

At times Saturn took the form of the Bull of Heaven
A bulls eye was the target of the unerring marksman

The eye was Venus in front of Saturn
The exchange of electrical discharge was also looked upon as the fertilizing glance between Mars and Venus

Indras weapon was a heavenly stone called a Parvata
It was a lithos argos or sacred stone

During dragon combat which was the electrical exchange with Mars and the axis mundi
Indra hurled the Cakra against Asura
The Cakra was like a sharp flat discus which returned

Shango was a stone thrower that hurled lightning as a stone

David was the son in law of Saul or Sol who was Saturn
The son of Saturn was Mars
It was not a Semite with a English name

Mars was the usurper who battled against a giant and took over his throne
Mars was Lucifer who put himself above the Most High god Saturn

David hitting Goliath with pinpoint accuracy on the forehead
By casting a stone with his slingshot across the valley of Elah
Is another example of the unerring marksman

Saul trying to kill David because he got too popular
Is Mars trying to usurp the throne of Saturn
Causing a war of the gods or Battle of the Titans

It is the same theme as King Herod trying to kill the baby Jesus
Or the Pharoah trying to kill the baby Moses
Because they were warned that a child will usurp their position

David is described as a red cheeked boy
Who killed lions and bears that snuck in to try to steal a sheep
Red is a give away for the red planet Mars

The incredulity of these stories is obvious
But people who want to believe in them
Will believe them no problem!