An opalescent crystal river with golden white fire plasma is flowing down the Universal Axis
Re encrypting elementals and purging AI machinery

Emerald rays of lilac purplish colors
That sprout lavender tones

Are correcting the phantom matrix coding
And reconfiguring template networks

The earths crystal core is sending crystal frequencies through arterial pathways
Activating cathedral architecture such as the Lincoln Cathedral in the United Kingdom

This infusion of dimensional octaves is reclaiming our consciousness identity
Recoding obsolete and false realities
And clearing out emotional issues and traumas which interfered with our spiritual growth

Because our accumulated memories give form to everything we are experiencing at the moment
We can repattern our memories by switching on to a higher spiritual expression
Thereby changing our current timeline

If we do not then we will have to repeat the same patterns until we learn the spiritual lesson

Our accumulated memories are holographic light images
Which appear in the dimensional frequency band
That our soul identity is located in

We can change the coordinate location
And thus the energetic constituents of time codes

The original instruction set is being transmitted by the Ancient Builder Races
Through the Awakening Spine of Albion or Universal Axis

The reptilian predator mind which was downloaded into our 3D earth
In order to take over the collective consciousness
And to take over human bodies because we are imprinted with eternal coding
Will be taken offline so that it does not spread into the Universal Time Grid
Which is the desired goal of this mass human puppeteering show

When awareness of other realms is superimposed upon the shards of souls
That is ascension

When the realization of the existence of parallel realities each with their own timeline
Converge with what we thought we knew

When we come to an understanding that every person and every creature
Is connected to the unified whole

And when we obey the Natural Laws and the Law of One

We will reinstall our Diamond Sun Body
With the original eternal 12 strand DNA codes

And as the Blue Plasma Waves pulse into our realm
That put us in a future higher dimensional octave
From the next Harmonic Universe

We will reclaim our fractured soul
And extract the negativity put upon our consciousness

We then will emanate intensely bright colors of high frequency light
That oscillate from positive thoughts through the energy field

The brighter the light
The stronger its influence

And the farther it travels
The more it is absorbed by others!