How graceful the arches
How realistic the statues
How intricate the paintings
How high the ceilings
How mesmerizing the organs
How grand the pillars
Of the former epoch

Above them the terrifying hand of God
Held the emerging Venus in his palm

This outstretched field of current from Saturn
Was also pictured as a shell
And was the backdrop of the birth of Venus

The Ouroboros serpent was the outer ring or rings
Of the primordial sun god

The divine fire water plasma
Held liquid light encryptions

Living elementals ran up and down the stairway to heaven
Whose remarkable phantasmagoria can still be seen
In the undulating green colors of the electrical light phenomena
Known as the Aurora Borealis

The story of Jesus was mythologized by the former astronomy
To make him appear as a God

His teachings were turned into a control system

You Tubers which are mostly Freemason shills
Wishing to rise in rank
Will feign a belief in Christianity
To get the masses into a false mindset
Which is easily controlled

These well educated cultic psychopaths appear normal
As does Donald Trump
Who is from the serpent seed of the royal bloodline

Mike Pence keeps looking younger as he switches to the latest robotoid body
He is a master sorcerer with an arsenal of spells
And can be classified as an 800 year old undead

These are gloomy spirits that burn a dark flame
Who walk around in robes behind closed doors
Violating innocent souls
Siphoning off the loosh energy of these young boys and girls held captive

If one could see a video of a young persons torment who cannot escape
It would unleash a torrent of emotions
That would produce the motivation needed to change our world

Videos of animals being tortured in the slaughterhouse
Is largely met with apathy

Humans have been modified to be insensitive
Fluoride in the municipal water supply and in toothpaste
Calcifies our pineal glands as well as nerve endings

Toxic chemicals in pharmaceuticals and processed foods
Match frequencies of distortional energy
That keeps us from caring

The educational system feeds the ego
Cutting our soul off from the divine

Your mind is powerful
Your beliefs will affect your DNA
Mutated reversals can be corrected

Confront your destiny
Life is your creation

Feel your feelings and see the truth
Then create a new reality!