The moon is an electromagnetic computer
That amplifies broadcasts from Saturn to our world
Like a celestial dish transmitting information

Its surface is made up of extremely hard titanium and processed metals
Such as uranium 236 and neptunium 237

Saturn is the Lord of the Rings
There are sound waves emanating from the rings that we are unable to see
They are frequency bands

Crystals are being put into the rings
That dramatically impact the signals
And induce a virtual reality experience

Saturn has a dark cube with a hexagon on its north pole
It is a standing wave from a beamed frequency
Just like its permanent eye storm

The cube is box shaped
Its archon manipulated sound frequency pulls us from the heart state

When you are thinking independently beyond the cube
You are thinking outside the box

Sounds and symbols have the energetic level
Of the frequency field which they represent

The Kabbah at Mecca is a big black cube
It is a symbol of the cube of Saturn

The energy given to it as a holy object goes to the real thing
And helps broadcast the sound wave transmissions of a fake reality system
That we are decoding

Corporations in various countries have a big dark cube outside of their headquarters
The Cube of Saturn is also the square city of the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation

Humanity is swimming in a sea of energy
We are being broadcast a frequency that hacks the human body computer
Which puts us in a sub reality

We are playing moonopoly

The Saturn Moon Matrix manipulates the photon energy stream
Causing us to perceive what does not exist
And not to perceive what does exist

We go through the waveforms of different epochs
Which give us a sense of limitation

We can only break out of the low vibrational virtual reality bubble
That controls our emotions and suppresses our awareness
By being conscious of it!