We are told that the earth spins at 1000 miles per hour
That it orbits the sun at 66,666 miles per hour

That the sun and the solar system orbit the galactic core at 420,000 miles per hour
And that the galaxy is moving through the universe at 2 million miles per hour

We are supposed to be hurling through space at incredible speeds in different directions
Yet we cannot feel any movement

Welcome to the grand illusion
Our world is motionless and is an extended plane
Just as it appears

The massive mountain of lies and cover ups
Is to consume our minds with how to survive perceived threats
Making us easily controlled and manipulated

The overcoming of fears is the key
To becoming the director of your own life

It is vital to achieving mental and emotional freedom
Even when the world is in chaos

Emotional incompetence greatly clouds our discernment
And interpretation of events

Routing you through the lens of fear
Bases your judgement on false evidence appearing real

All dark forces human of non human
Whose primary interest is exerting power and control
Will attempt to manipulate your deepest and darkest fears

Humans have taken on the fear based alien predator mind belief system
And are put in servitude through mental bondage

The orchestrated events behind the news is to manipulate our fears
And make us feel we are victims
But the perpetrators live in fear also as victimizers

The negative polarity of the frequency of fear
Matches the vibration that attaches to dark energy and malevolent spirits

It will generate blockages in your light energy field
Which will amplify sensations of worry and anxiety

We can turn dark areas of shadow into brightness
Be free of heavily charged negative emotions
And express balance and symmetry

We must address our fears from the place of neutral observation
Demystify them to see where they are coming from
And direct to them the attention of our inner luminescence

Fear programs must be extracted
By mastering spiritual lessons
And through the acceptance of what is!