Once all the fakery is impinged upon the masses as reality
WW3 will start and become one big bloodbath

Military personnel are given a concoction of experimental vaccines
That dull their senses
They then kill innocent people and destroy infrastructure
Just because they are told to

The very concept of authoritative government is dark energy

When we feed matrices of division and superiority
It prevents unification and higher spiritual patterns

In earlier ages humans could rely on divine plasma or prana
That sifted down through the Axis Mundi
For their sustenance

Humans and animals treated each other with respect
They had no need or desire to harm one another

In their extreme arrogance reptilians and other ET’s believe they are God Intelligence
They have lost their emotional experience and only exist mentally

They are not aligned to the God Source
One cannot be aligned to Gods Natural Laws
And desire to enslave or consume others

For in alignment to the Source there is no need to consume others energy in order to exist

To perceive and experience emotions allows the merging with the God Source
Without a feeling sensory perception field
A consciousness cannot experience itself
As a part of the Eternal God Consciousness

After the last reset the practice of eating animals was forced upon us
Made up stories such as Evolution the Big Bang and the Spinning Globe Earth were also introduced
Vaccines also were introduced
All of this was for the purpose to prevent ascension

We were silicon based and now we are carbon based
Silicon gave us ties to the cosmos

A nature based reality with heaven spanning trees and abundant animal life
Is now being changed into a synthetic world

Ascension will happen naturally
But many cannot get out of 3D

Once we realize the true story
We can start healing ourselves

We have become infected with lies and have become one big cancer running around
What has become normal is not human

The time of possessing anothers energy field is coming to an end

We have to change our hearts
And not be aligned with anti life forces

Those who feed upon others and use others energies for themselves
Will find it increasingly difficult to exist in the higher vibration!