As part of the plan to freeze and starve us
Natural gas factories and food industry plants
Are being set on fire

Electricity is tightly controlled
And is being made artificially scarce

The cost of charging the lithium batteries in an electric car
Will soon be more expensive than buying a new car

A market crash is scheduled at the end of September
Some people like the Pope are getting advanced notice
He has called in all Catholic investments by the end of September

CERN is alien technology that will be used in an upcoming blackout

The US military is being downsized
And arms are being sent to the Ukraine

The BRICS nations
Brazil Russia India China and South Africa
Will win World War 3

The United States has pretty much forcibly vaccinated everyone
With aerosol spraying over the past 25 years

Turbo fan engines cannot produce trails
Small drones with huge tanks have been used as the spraying method

Glyphosate the main ingredient in Round Up
Is sprayed on almost all crops before harvest

It is not only poisonous
It allows absorption of gene changing mRNAs into the cells
mRNAs are in the vaccines

Cancer is just a name for the myriad of poisons
From vaccinations
And which we ingest from our food and water

Physical health is directly connected to spiritual health
If our nerve endings are damaged
We do not connect to higher energies

A sign of a higher vibrational person
Is when animals feel safe in their presence

Covid is just a reset event
Do not let the dark night scare you

Practice gratitude for what you have
It will increase the value we give to our lives!