The Artemis Space Rocket blast off was on 9-3
In Illuminati numerology 9 can be turned upside down into a 6
So 9-3 means 3 sixes or 666

Its stated purpose is to have an uncrewed lunar orbit and return
But the real purpose is hidden

Artemis is Venus who demanded a sacrifice of Iphigenia daughter of Agamemnon
Agamemnon is Saturn and Iphigenia was a moon or orb of Saturn

The reason why is because Agamemnon killed her deer
The deer of Venus was a plasma discharge

The length of the rocket is 223 feet which is a backwards 322
322 is the number of Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones is a secret society of the Illuminati

The Illuminati frequently codes numbers backwards

The Georgia Guidestones were christened on 3-22 in 1980
3-22 is also the National Day of Mourning and World Water Day

3 is the number of completeness
When Mars Venus and Saturn were in conjunction in the former era
It created the Holy Trinity

22 represents the hidden aspect of death or what is being concealed
The last verse in Revelation is 22:21
The next verse which would have been 22:22 is kept hidden

There are 22 trump cards in the Tarot
Donald Grumpf changed his name to Trump

Our DNA consists of 2 strands of 22 base pairs
The mRNA in the vax will add another strand
Making it 3 strands of 22 or 322

22 is also 11 x 2

The news channel KCTS is in Seattle
If you give the letters a numerical representation in the alphabet
You get 11-3-20-19

In the secret Illuminati numerology you can add the 1 and 9 and get 2
You can also drop the zero giving you 11-3-2-2

At the end of Pike Street Market overlooking Elliot Bay in Seattle
Which get 10 million annual visitors

A clock is stuck with the small hand on 3
And the big hand on 11

In the movie Black Sunday
There is an attack during a football game in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawk defense is known as the Legion of Boom
Boom means a bomb going off

At the Seattle Century Link Stadium
The 322 section is missing

Refer to my article
Will the Apocalypse and WW3 start in Seattle
For more information!