Most people on TV are not real
They are entities masquerading as that person

Or sometimes the celebrity has never been human
And are just invented persons

Michael Jackson is on the Deep Web
He frequently gives the cross arm symbol of rebirth

The elite have been replaced
Many have went unknowingly

They have become vampires with no reflection
Because they have no soul

If you join the Illuminati
Hollywood will swing wide open their doors to you

Eminem DMX ZPAC Aerosmith Bob Dylan and many others
All have songs about selling their soul

They now are idolized and can go to the coolest parties
But now realize it was not worth it

Elizabeth Short known as the Black Dahlia was an upcoming actress
In 1947 she was brutally murdered for breaking her oath of silence

Freemasons and all secret societies
Have to take Masonic oaths
They become complicit with deception
In exchange for an earthy reward and a lofty title

Most all pastors and priests are Freemasons
They take part in the propaganda of the system
Making the masses believe that if you follow them you will be happy

The reality is that if you live in self delusion
You will be bound by your beliefs
And will never reach the higher realms

Vaccines do not prevent anything
But have a sinister purpose

One third of all health care workers have quit
Rather than take the jab
They have seen first hand the effects

The bioluminescent enzyme luciferase is being put in the vaccines
The injection site will glow a neon green

When a soul repeatedly makes choices
That have destructive patterns
Their light becomes diminished

Now is the time to repattern your thoughts
Be inner sustained
And do not parasitize any other living being

Command your space as a sovereign person
And accept responsibility for your conscious energy!