Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!
Things are about to change in a mind blowing way! At the boundary of our solar system another star is approaching the sun’s cellular enclosure. It is a Brown Dwarf star and when this one crosses the heliosphere it will be the 5th time the sun has captured one. Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn have been predecessors.
Our sun has no progeny of it’s own but it has electrically drawn in 4 former Brown Dwarf stars with their planetary offspring into it’s cell-like abode. The most recent intruder was Saturn in which Earth was a progeny. Our planet has been the only one to retain life – assuming there is not another one in the far reaches of the Kuiper Belt that we don’t know about.
While our sun gives off dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation, living conditions under a Brown Dwarf star would be optimal. They emit blue and red UV rays which is ideal for photosynthesis. Planets immersed in the stellar cocoon of a Brown Dwarf star would receive life giving rays evenly distributed throughout each hemisphere creating perfect living conditions for organisms while water, oxygen, nitrogen and other essential elements are showered upon them.
Where are the Brown Dwarfs coming from? Our Milky Way galaxy is encircled by a torus or ring of galaxies and star clusters. The Sagittarius constellation which is a group of these galaxies intersects the plane of the Milky Way. The result is that these free floating Brown Dwarf stars (which are actually small red stars) are being electrically attracted to the bigger and more highly charged stars such as our sun.
Stars first meet each other when their plasmaspheres touch and they exchange electrical energy. The one with the lower charge will be repulsed but at the same time it will absorb charge from the higher powered one. The result will be a bouncing effect – a continual repulsion and absorption until charge differential is overcome and the newcomer enters the electrically charged protective boundary. This needless to say will cause chaos and destruction on the planets and the life upon them which are crossing the bigger sun’s electrical demarcation while encased in the plasmasphere of their Brown Dwarf star.
Before Saturn with it’s family of planetary orbs traveled into the sun’s heliosphere conditions in our world was much different. Trees and plants reached enormous size yielding fruit and nourishment that sustained abundant life forms which comprised giant mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Our atmosphere was filled with static electricity enabling huge dinosaurs to not only roam around but to fly.
There was giants on the Earth then. And there were also very small humanoids and there were ones with elongated skulls and even some with horns.
An advanced civilization erected pyramids, megalithic temples and colossal monuments. They constructed enormous statues and huge obelisks cut from one stone. They built power stations that sent electricity all over the world. They utilized complex acoustical amplification. Their technology was much more sophisticated and used the Earth’s energy in a natural way without harming the planet.
One can only imagine the fear and dread that ensued when it was realized that their sun and planetary system were being drawn towards a much larger star. The sun is twelve times bigger than Saturn. Consider the panic and preparations that were made in order to survive. Vast ancient underground dwelling places and tunnel systems such as Derinkuyu in Cappadocia, Turkey and the Hawara Labyrinth Complex in Egypt are examples of incredible underground architecture that were safe havens during this time of planetary upheaval.
During the entry into the highly charged heliosphere spin rotations of the incoming planets were disrupted. Their axial tilts were moved and their orbits shifted.
On our world electrical discharges in the form of mega lightning scoured out what would become river channels and lakes. Islands disappeared under the sea. Geological formations sprung up. The electrical conductivity of our atmosphere gradually decreased.
These episodes are our real prehistoric epochs.
When Saturn finally bridged the demarcation between the cosmos and the sun’s plasma cell it released a tremendous amount of energy and entered a dark mode phase. Creation stories around the world describe this dark primeval ‘twilight of the gods’.
Radiating in the red and blue spectrum – the primordial Purple Dawn of Creation – the Brown Dwarf star Saturn shone feebly under it’s midst of clouds. The Spirit or Wind of god (Saturn) moved over the surface of these turbulent celestial waters.
A flare-up returned Saturn back to it’s glow mode and was the inspiration for the saying ‘Let there be light’. It marked the beginning of religion for a now traumatized world as the great god shown forth and woke up from his slumber. His reappearance was greeted with much celebration and rejoicing. This event went down in history as Day 1.
But there was monumental change upon the Earth. Dinosaurs and many other animals succumbed to radiation and a changed environment. The energy grid of the pyramids and obelisks overloaded and most became inoperative. Temples and megalithic structures were ruined. The so-called Atlanteans and Lemurians found it increasingly harder to exist in a lower vibrational frequency. The ones who remained built mounds, dolmens and effigies utilizing the ley lines or power lines of the Earth. Diverse earthworks of megalithic stone were also created for defensive fortifications.
Canals such as the Grand Canal in China, the palaces of St. Petersburg, Russia, rock hewn temples such as the Ellora Caves in India and the underground churches cut out of solid rock at Lalibela, Ethiopia are illustrations of this higher technology.
Amphitheaters in Greece and Africa, aqueducts in Italy and Mexico, megalithic stone circles on the Salisbury Plain in England and the megalithic stone line formations at Carnac in France are more examples.
If you ascribe the great monumental works to their correct builders and put concurrent, simultaneous civilizations in their proper time period – history will be totally rewritten. And if you take out the fake dark ages it will be much more recent.
Our planet entered in a relationship with Mars and Venus. All 3 being engulfed in a sustained plasma discharge of Saturn – the Father god and Creator. Mars became known as the Son of God and Venus became the Queen of Heaven and companion or lover of Mars. This was made more realistic by the plasma interactions between them. Many of the mythic symbols such as the Cross, Swastika and Ouroboros were plasmatic effects of encounters between the gods.
As this configuration drifted closer to sun it started to break apart. This was another tumultuous time and is synchronous with the Exodus as people all over the world left their abodes in search of refuge from the cataclysms. The pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night was the last vestige of this stellar ray emanating from Saturn.
Earth and Saturn parted as each settled on an orbit of electrical equilibrium. The great God Saturn was seen to drift off into the remote sky. Auspiciously, Earth wound up in a safe habitable zone from the sun. This separation of our planet from it’s true sun has resulted in food being not as plentiful and has turned people into meat-eaters but it was never supposed to be that way. We were meant to live in harmony with the animal kingdom.
Now we are entering a new era. This new star will eventually become prominent in the sky and we will feel it’s effects long before it comes into view.
When a negatively charged electron penetrates a cell it produces an ‘excitation effect’ from the nucleus. In the same way the sun will react by discharges in the form of positive protons to the negatively charged, penetrating Brown Dwarf. The sun is the nucleus in it’s own cell of plasma.
The Earth will be hit by this outpouring and experience an increase of clouds and storms because water is an electrical dipole. Other electrical phenomena such as volcanoes, hurricanes and earthquakes will become more frequent.
With this influx of energy will come a higher awareness. It will produce an attunement to the other life forms that we share this world with. And the needless slaughter of animals will end.
Each incoming Brown Dwarf star has positioned itself according to size. Jupiter being the biggest and closest to the sun. Neptune, the smallest and farthest away. This new Brown Dwarf is about twice the size of Jupiter but will lose mass as it encounters the domain of the sun. Will this one take up residence beyond Jupiter?
And if so will Mars then be pushed closer to the Earth – heralding in the return of Son of god?
Is this the appearance of the great Blue Star of the Hopis marking the end of this present era and ushering in a new one?
Only time will tell but an age of gods and wonders will once again infiltrate our sky and affect our world while changing the life upon it.