In former times the Celestial Axis of the World lit up.
A power surge had commenced.
The electrical current which streams down through the heavens into the North Pole became bright and shiny white.
The charged cosmic orbs which we call planets were electrically attracted to this region.
Above the earth plane, Mars Venus Saturn and Jupiter became embedded in this stream of plasma.
Saturn with it’s rings was the first god and the creator god.
The plasma pillar branched out and became a heavenly tree or mountain.
This became the Mt. of Assembly or God’s Holy Mountain.
The moons of Saturn revolved around the King of the Gods and became the northern circumpolar stars.
Below Saturn was Venus and Mars.
Venus became the goddess of Agriculture.
Isis the Egyptian Venus introduced farming and created the Green Crop.
The Greek Venus was Demeter.
She also instigated farming and was the Lady of the Crops
The Latin Venus was Ceres the Harvest Queen.
She is pictured with a crown of flowers and carrying a sheaf of corn or wheat.
At harvest time her image would be carried on a pole accompanied by the playing of music with loud shouting and celebration.
The Corn Goddess of the Native Americans was the Corn Mother or Maize Mother.
She is pictured as clad in garments of green and yellow.
The Great Spirit who was Saturn gave her seeds of corn.
After seven months the area around her was covered with tall green tasseled plants.
This primordial goddess continues to hold sway in modern religion.
As the Virgin Mary in Catholic doctrine.
When Christianity prevailed in Europe graven images of Isis were switched to being statues of the Madonna the Mother of Jesus.
The Mother of the Gods was portrayed as being killed or as disappearing.
In Native American belief the First Mother was married to Lone Trail Walker who upon her request killed her.
Lone Trail Walker was Mars who drifted up and down the Axis between Venus and the earth plane.
The flesh of the First Mother was scattered around her.
Corn and tobacco sprang up.
The Cheyenne has the beautiful Queen of Maize vanishing after presenting to her husband seven different corn plants.
The Inca knew Venus as Chasca the originator of the flowers of the field.
The Pawnee inaugurated their planting season by sacrificing a girl.
Her blood was directed into a green pit lined with white feathers representing the Sacred Garden of the Evening Star where all life originates.
They believed that all life sprang from the sacred garden of the Evening Star who was Venus.
Venus was the primordial Green Star but Mars even though typically red would appear green after his association with her.
The Mayan Morning Star Quetzalcoatl who was Mars was the Great Green God when he appeared from the Underworld.
The Quetzal Bird whom he is named after is an iridescent green color.
The Norse Mars God Thor was considered dead when he was in the Underworld.
When he emerged he was a bright green color and this was seen as a rebirth.
Thor not only grinded the grain with his thunderbolts he also fertilized the field with his thunder and lightning.
This was also seen as an insemination with his drill stick.
When the Egyptian Mars god Horus visited Hathor who was Venus he was in the Great Green.
Isaiah 14 tells how the Morning Star who was Mars ascended the heavens above the Stars of El (Saturn) and sat on the Mt. of Assembly far away in the North before he fell or was cast down to The Pit or Sheol.
Mars drifted down from the highest heaven to the lowest heaven.
The Cheyenne and Crow Morning Star is called Falling Star.
Mars also ascended the axis.
Osiris who is Mars climbed the Ladder in the Sky to the Mansion of His Father which is amongst the circumpolar stars in the Field of Rushes.
Rushes are plants in marshy areas used for making basket and chairs etc.
Horus also ascended to the His Mansion which was surrounded by the Elysian Fields.
Inanna the Sumerain Venus was always associated with a green garden.
In South American Chamacoco lore, Star Woman made secret nocturnal visits to her lover who was Mars.
Freya searches for Odin.
When Aphrodite searches for Adonis she finds him in the Underworld.
But when it is found out that Adonis is dead Aphrodite mourns and leaps off the Leucadian rock or the Rocks of Leukas.
This is played out in Greek rituals.
A banquet is held in a delightful garden with a variety of cakes and fruits.
The next day there is a mock funeral procession carrying the image of Adonis on a pole to the seashore.
In the Old testament there is a ceremony where bread and cakes were baked into the image of the Queen of Heaven and consumed.
The Aztecs had a sacramental rite where they chose a woman to represent their Venus goddess Toci.
After feasting she was carried to the top of a temple on a shoulder of a warrior representing Mars.
Then she was beheaded and her skin was ripped off.
This has the same origin as the ceremony in Bethlehem where women lament the death of Tammuz on rooftops.
Only women partook of this ceremony because Venus the Star of Lamentation was female.
This yearly festival of weeping for Tammuz who is the Greek Adonis was widespread.
In the Babylonian sacred marriage rite of Inanna and Dumuzi the king would have sexual intercourse with a virgin on a bed in a garden assuring abundant crops.
In Egyptian ritual the likeness of Osiris was made into cakes and were hidden in a field.
A woman representing Isis went and searched for them.
When she found them there was much rejoicing and they ate the cakes.
But then Osiris died on a cross.
In Greek the word for cross can also mean pillar, beam or tree.
It was believed that Osiris died and gave his blood to the field and regenerated it.
This practice can be likened to the Ritual of the Eucharist in the New Testament.
The regenerated field was the luminescent radiance of Mars brightening the first three rings of Saturn. The Garden of Eden.
The next three rings were the Dark Underworld.
The 7th ring is the dimmest.
God rested on the 7th day or the 7th ring.
The Hebrew word for day means also ring.
The rings turned a dark green because Venus was green and yellow.
Saturn was yellow.
Mars gave his issuance or outpourings to regenerate the Garden of Eden which was Venus and the first three rings.
It looked like the Son of Saturn had given his blood. That he died for the regeneration of the earth.
The earth was originally middle heaven.
Middle Heaven or Earth was the area between the Most High God or the Throne of Saturn and low heaven or the Dark Underworld.
Even today Saturn rings are categorized into 2 sets of 3.
The 7th ring is separate and not as bright.
Jesus and Osiris both spent three days in Hades or the Underworld after they died.
Hades is the Place of the Dead. A god dies when they enter the Dark Underworld.
Which was the second set of 3 rings.
The first set of 3 rings was the Garden of Eden.
Where Adam was banished from.
Adam is Mars and he was with Eve who was Venus in the Garden of Eden.
Which is the inner 3 rings around Saturn.