We occupy a body with cells, bacteria, glands and organs each possessing a consciousness of their own.
They oversee operations and participate in a circuit of communication with one another.
Just like when a musical instrument produces synchronous vibrations when is tuned to the proper frequency.
Our body also resonates to the fullest expression when it is pulsating with the proper force.
The blood is an electric conductor sending pulses throughout the body.
The blood is made up of cells all oscillating in unison.
Blood vessels are active electrical currents.
Propagation of the electrical blood flow is due to the blood cell oscillation.
The blood cells are electrically charged and it is their pulsating motion that determines the reverberation of the tissues, organs and glands.
It is the interaction of the blood cells with the rest of the body that forms the electrocardiogram impulse.
The heart also has it’s own consciousness.
The heart disperses blood as it reacts to the body’s energy pulsation.
The heart is not a pump as is commonly thought but is only responding to the pulse waves of the blood.
In the womb when our soul takes up residence in the fetus our individual bioelectric field merges with our mother’s oscillating wave pattern forming a bond.
Each soul’s past experiences determine their individual vibration and thus affects the attachment to the maternal parent.
After we are born our individual bioelectric field interacts with the surrounding electric fields.
When the other electric fields are out of sync with our own there is a repulsion.
If there is a synchronization there is harmony.
The slightest disturbance affects our energy frequency and manifests as a change of heart rate.
Our interpretation of each of our experiences also affects the heart rhythm.
The wave pattern of the heart is synchronized with the brain to a common frequency.
The electromagnetic frequency of brain waves usually range between 4 hertz and 8 hertz.
The wave pulses of the heart are about 60 times more powerful.
A coherent heart mind system is measurable by electromagnetic instruments.
Energy up to fifteen feet away can be detected around the individual.
Our body is meant to resonate with harmony and awareness.
When the brain is attuned to the heart there is coherence and greater awareness of our own body and of surrounding consciousness.
The hippocampus is the region of the brain consisting of elongated ridges of lateral ventricles which process emotion.
Activity there includes the production of stem cells.
This will increase as the brain is subjugated to the heart.
When we restrict ourselves in assisting other life the hippocampus is shut off.
The hippocampus is supposed to coordinate with the heart.
Our heart is supposed to have coherence with the brain.
Healthy emotions are received and generated by the heart.
When there is a detachment of brain energy to the heart empathy is restricted.
The field of emotional experience becomes more narrow and confined.
When thoughts fail to produce empathetic emotion the heart mind connection is not consolidated.
All bodily functions are affected and stimualted by the electromagnetic frequency of the heart.
The rhythmic pattern of energy determines our physical condition.
Favorable rhythmic patterns enhance the communicative pathway to the entire cellular system.
The activity of beneficial gut bacteria is also elevated.
Increased heart and brain coherence boosts production of immunoglobin.
Immunoglobin is a protein which functions as an antibody neutralizing pathogens.
The influence of protein which is an essential component of all tissues including muscles, hair and skin gets stimulated.
If the prefrontal cortex of the brain has a flow of information to and from the heart the activity of the thalamus and hypothalamus is optimized.
The thalamus and hypothalamus are regions in the brain which controls motor skills and links together the nervous system.
Erythrocytes are red blood cells carrying hemoglobin.
They transport oxygen and carbon dioxide in sufficient amounts to and from tissues.
They absorb and propagate the oscillation pattern of the heart.
All cells operate according to the body’s pulsation.
Chloroplasts are part of the cell that makes needed chemicals.
The endocrine system is a series of glands which includes the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, pineal, pancreas, adrenal, ovaries and testicles.
They send out hormones via the bloodstream which carry messages for a wide variety of functions.
As the body pulsates properly the pineal gland produces hormones aiding in the transmission of energy and reception of external energy.
A healthy heart mind rhythm will also affect the decision making process and intuitive perceptions.
When we immerse ourselves in nature and become part of the ecosystem our cellular bioelectric field connects to the electromagnetic field of the Earth.
As the heart’s electric output responds to the surrounding field, hormonal and neurochemical releases take place affecting the central nervous system.
The Schumann Resonance is the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the earth and is approximately 7.83 hertz.
The heart is a receiver, capacitor and conductor of electromagnetic energy interacting with other electric fields.
And our senses maximize that interaction.
Our current culture is in many ways non-affirming to heart consciousness and it’s neural connection.
We get raised in ways in which we learn to ignore visual and auditory signals.
A prime example is when we eat animals we don’t even think where the meat comes from.
And that it was from a living being who did not want to die.
In essence we are shutting off the brain heart linkage.
And exhibiting low vibration.
The soul becomes heartless and numb to life.
But when one becomes vegan their compassion increases.
A healthy diet is essential for optimal sensitivity.
Animal products with their high level of cholesterol and saturated fats will hinder the body’s transmission and communication.
When a sick soul encounters love, compassion and attention their heart brain connection is renewed.
And their electromagnetic field increases.
Touching and kind words also enhance healing.
All interactions are a transfer of energy.
This includes our encounters with animals, insects, trees and plants.
Cells will also react to auditory sounds.
Acoustical waves are translated into electrical energy stimulating the brain nerve tissue.
Harmonic sound coupled with intent will affect the resonance of coherent electromagnetic frequencies.
Erythrocytes propagate these electro acoustical waves and energy receptor sites are activated.
Thoughts of the mind produce energy which affect the oscillation of the heart.
A limiting belief system and negative emotions condition the mind and results in insufficient energy transmission to the heart.
Our thoughts and emotions are like currents in the air and can be carried over long distances.
Change your thoughts and you will change your energy.
As the harmonic heart energy increases and moves toward the exterior the body is renewed and the soul is expanded.