Halloween was the time when druids knocked on the doors of castles
And demanded a young maiden for sacrifice

Now young maidens are easily purchased in third world countries
Or kidnapped into the secret tunnels below Disneyworld

These child blood sacrifices are hidden in plain sight

Negative lunar energy makes it easy for entities to enter and exit our realm
Ritual sacrifices are usually done during full moons
And are called moon child rituals

People promote them without their direct awareness

Muslim women cover themselves in black sheets
If a body part is shown they may be killed
If they are raped they will be killed

They are the physical symbol of the Black Madonna
Which is also the Baphomet or the Goat of Mendes
Which is the horned god Pan

Richard Pan is the fake name of the California Senator
Who introduced the bill for the mandatory Covid vaccinations

The Baphomet symbol is used in Satanic witchcraft
To conjure spirits so they will enter human beings
For the purpose of vampirism

Saturn Venus and Mars are interchangeable
Because from an earth perspective they were three gods in one
Since they lined up in the northern hemisphere in the previous era

Venus was exalted as wisdom by the Templars
Aquamarine light flowed from the female planet

This Essence of the Mother animated Saturn
Especially brightening one of the two rotating arcs on Saturn
Which then became Noahs Ark

Mars the smallest orb in front
Was then seen as riding in the Ark or The Ship of Heaven

Mars was also the anointed cherub that became Lucifer

64 hexagons emanated from the Throne of God
From the 2 sets of 4 bright orbs surrounding the throne
Creating an 8 x 8 pattern

These vortex points were the cherubs of God
And the origin of the number 1 4 4

The Square and Compass of the Freemasons
Was formed as the cosmic rays of the Cherubs connected
Which created the hexagon of the Cosmic Cube

Police badges are of a 6 pointed hexagon
To symbolize the protection of the Comic Order

It is on the One Dollar Bill

It is shown on the front of the Great Seal
Of the United States of America

The 6 pointed star is also the Star of David

Electromagnetism is the principle cosmic force

The universe was created by thought outside of time

Time is what we are experiencing as we expand our consciousness

Stars are pinches in the electrical current of the universal mind
That is why their position affects our state of being
Each subatomic particle affects the other

Planets are wondering stars
That separate charge and influence our consciousness

They are also ion accelerators

Stars and planets can form cosmic rays
Like we see emanate from comets

Comets are artificially produced to signify an event
And are not created in a hypothetical Oort Cloud
At the edge of the fake Solar System!