Our soul enters the embryo
Through a burst of DMT
Excreted by the Pineal Gland

It then takes 49 days after conception
And another burst of DMT
For the first signs
Of a human to appear
As the sexual organs manifest
And gender is determined

The embryo becomes a fetus

At birth there is another burst of DMT

Every night there is a DMT burst during REM sleep
It trips us out into various dream states

The last and largest burst of DMT is during death

It is believed that it then takes 49 days
For the life force or soul
To rebirth into the next body

So when our soul enters into the pineal gland
It produces the first flush of DMT

And another burst when we become truly human
At the first signs of the fetal stage

Then the life force leaves the body
Through the pineal gland

And the last and largest flow
Of this psychedelic molecule
Is released during death

The pineal gland organ is most active
At death and birth

The consciousness enters and exits there

DMT is the spirit molecule
And the pineal gland is the Seat of the Soul