You are plugged into the vibrational charge field of the universe
And a creative power that can turn your virtual dreams into solid reality

The vibes you share with others influence your manifestation ability
Vibe high on love abundance and gratitude

Gratitude is the supercharger of positivity
And the most valuable player in the manifestation game

Do not adhere to limiting thoughts
See doubts and fears as drifting clouds that pass you by

Anxiety and impatience are roadblocks on the manifestation highway
Trust in divine timing and the master plan
The universe is preparing something bigger and better than what you have thought of

Emotional vibrations are the language of the universe
Feel the joy and excitement of your dreams showing up

Turn your world into a playground of possibilities
The power to manifest is right inside you

Unlock the magic within
Every thought emotion and word you put out are like magic wands of creation

Synchronicity reveals the very essence of who we are inside
It validates that we are on a path that is being guided by a higher purpose

Embrace the signs that come your way
Be attentive to the ethereal whispers that gently speak to you

Each gift of experience is necessary for your growth
Into the person you are destined to become

They are notes in the divine order
Played in harmony by the universal symphony!