When too much information contradicts ones belief system
And they start to lose their foundation
It causes psychotic behavior

We never went to the moon
The moon is supposed to be on the other side of the Van Allen Belts
Crossing these Belts which are really a frequency division between realms is impossible

Galaxies are also just a narrative
The earth is not a tilted wobbling spinning ball speeding through space
So there is no precision of the equinoxes

The earth is a motionless flat plane
Stars are embedded in the celestial dome which is the so called Van Allen Belts
They revolve around the celestial equator
And return to their exact place each year
Which would not happen if we were on a speeding globe hurdling through space

Our current sun was not our ancient sun
It is small and close by

The moon is also new and it is artificial
It produces ELF airwaves that are a part of mind control technology
Our thoughts are not all our thoughts

Germ theory is a psyop
Illness is because our body is detoxifying

Wearing a mask deprives you of oxygen
And overloads our hemoglobin with our carbon dioxide
That our body is trying to exhale

Much of our food is deprived of nutrients and is full of toxic chemicals
Chemtrailing the air and fluoridating the water is also by design
To keep us functioning at a low vibration
Where our awareness is limited
And thus we are easily controlled

We are being hit with lies and toxins at every level

Our carbon based body is a degenerative system
From the consumption of animals

Eskimos who have an almost all animal diet
Only live on the average of about 30 years

Our bodies has crystals and silicon
And we can spiritually attune ourselves with our mind
Our brain is a frequency modulator for our soul

Our souls are an iridescent bioelectric field
Which can be captured by Kilean Photography
That shows a halo around our head

Our thoughts affect the morphogenetic field around us
And our DNA affects the quantum world surrounding us

We input information into the whole with our morphic resonance
And we are an individual projection of a single totality!