If you have a positive or negative blood type
Then you have been genetically modified

What we express is a result of this DNA tampering

The flow of energy through our glandular system or chakras is now limited
Because of this our life spans have been shortened
And we are enslaved into repeated incarnations
So that our life force can be collected

We have been programmed with a predator mind
And a victim victimizer mentality
We play this mind control game over and over

Our soul still connects to our higher or astral self
We can see this in dreams and images
Or sense it in feelings and intuition

We are a manifestation of our beliefs

When we realize everything we have been taught is a lie
We can then open our minds

Antiquitech buildings stand right in front of us
But we cannot see them
Because we have been given a different narrative

The skill of this architecture is mind boggling

The time period for the building of railroads keeps being pushed up
To make it seem more plausible

It was said that Mt. Rushmore was completed in 1922
Now the official version is 1941

It was not built by a guy swinging on a rope with a hammer and chisel

There is another Mt. Rushmore in China
Both are hundreds of years old
And the men portrayed are not past US presidents

There are hundreds of pyramids in China
But they have been covered with soil and planted on with trees to hide them

There is the Great Wall of China
And it was not built by the Chinese

There is Hadrians Wall in Great Britain
But it was not built by a Roman General

And there is also the Great Zavolzhskiy Wall in Russia
But it was not built by the Russians

The railroads and many streets and highways were already here
When the genetically modified people were introduced

Great buildings that have been used as government buildings
Court houses Post offices and even schools were built by the previous culture

Examples of schools whose architecture is obviously not ours
Is Stadium High School in Tacoma Washington
And El Paso High School in Texas

Pyramids Star Forts and the over 500 Stupas in India
Are from the even earlier culture of Atlantis
Atlantis was worldwide and Lemuria was a State in Atlantis

Star Forts created energetic vortices of frequencies
To enter different realities
They utilized the power points on intersecting ley lines

India has always been the seat of spiritually minded people
But it has been corrupted like everyplace else

People naturally are good at heart!