We are moving through forgotten consciousness corridors
That identify our future selves
And into the timeline of the 5D frequency band

The Cosmic Sovereign Law of Ascendancy
Will profoundly alter the configuration of the human energy field
Producing radical changes in our lifestyle

The holographic geography of the earth will also reconfigure
Opening vortices and stargates that direct transcendent healing energies
Of the next harmonic universe

As our unresolved issues that keep us tethered to the lower energies of 3D timelines are healed
The obstacles and blocks that prevent us from our highest expression will disappear

Ascension dynamics is a natural occurrence
That propel us from one dimensional span of experience to the next

We will remember our memories differently and feel better about them
As if they were entirely other experiences

The barrier between the solar plexus and heart will be eliminated
So that more compassionate cellular energies will surface

The alien enslavement programming of the lower 3D dimensional wave spectrum
And the artificial time continuum that creates false ego identities will dissolve

The hybridization of cloned humans
Along with the Metatronic electron reversal grid
That is part of the Black Magic rituals
Which conjure up curses harm and negativity towards people will stop

The disconnecting of humans from their eternal life force energy source
Which serve control and enslavement agendas
Will be put to an end

The thuggery and mafia programs which create traumatized individuals
To carry out destructive events
Is also on the way out

Bi wave geometry systems and their static nets
Which collect energy to send to off world sources
Will be taken offline

Desperate entities are escalating the forces of chaos

And key people that have been cooperating with them
Who see the higher dimensional influence at work
Are opting out!