At the connection points in our neural network
Is where neurons are exchanged
It is where emotions are incubated and holographically stored

Ideas and memories are interconnected
And each persons concept is their own unique amalgamation of past experiences
We tell ourselves a story about how the outside world is according to our individual processing

Nerve cells that fire together wire together
And we rewire ourselves on a daily basis

The hypothalamus acts like a tiny factory assembling peptides
Peptides are small chain amino acid sequences

Our emotions are chemical combinations
The hypothalamus assembles complimentary neuropeptide hormones
And releases them through the pituitary gland into the bloodstream

As peptides and hormones work their way through the body
We develop a long term relationship between thought and emotion

As neuropeptides flow through the body
It results in electrical signal transmissions from one neuron to another

Neurons are messenger molecules
So the mind is present throughout the body
And emotions are the link between matter and mind

When we feel threatened the brain releases norepinephrine
So we feel what we think

When we feel neglected the brain lowers serotonin output
So we feel what we think according to our experience

Every cell has thousands of peptide receptors
When a peptide enters a cell
It sends out a signal that alters the cells chemical makeup

Living a positive life is essential to physical health and well being
When we bombard ourselves with negativity there are less receptor sites for essentials
Such as nutrients vitamins and minerals
And we age faster

We become addicted to any neural peptide chemical
So we will create repetition dramas in our lives in order to receive our next fix

Fireballs in the sky are being seen more frequently
They are neurons being fired in the Mind of God
They are an exchange of information in the synapse of the Infinite

The end of an age is a collection of data
And we are dream characters in the Divine Consciousness
Beholding the spectacle!